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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Affordable Quality Jewelry Gifts with Sterling Silver and Stones

I have a tendency to design my handmade jewelry, trying new ideas, not considering the cost of components but just go on excitedly to create  items which would beautify women. Of course not all these more expensive designs are popular with buyers. I just take a chance by using various stones, some more expensive and some - less.  But  then it gets to pricing. I realize I might have to give them a higher price, as there is more silver in them.( Of course, the more silver you add to an item, the more expensive the item turns out to be). Then I have to consider the price of stones and the work I have to go back down to earth and say to myself "think about your customers dear, after all, you want to sell this. Don't you?"

So here I am, thinking as a gift buyer: " I need to buy, say, 10 gifts. I want people to enjoy my gifts.  I cannot spend more that $25-27 for a gift. My girl friend likes silver earrings and stones, but I cannot afford to spend more!" 

As I know now how a gift buyer thinks, I decided to handcraft a pair of earrings which I would like to wear myself, and which would not be too costly!  I created two small triangle sterling posts and added small lovely Red Agate beads to dangle from their edges. A simple design but - sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!

I believe I have handcrafted  a  lovely pair of affordable earring studs with authentic stones. I can honestly tell you that if someone would have given these earrings to me on Christmas eve, it would make me very happy. I'd feel that the person who gave them to me, thought of what I would love to have. He thought of ME when he bought these.

Attached is a photo of a lovely model - Meital who is wearing these earring posts:

The same earrings can be made with other beads too, such as small fresh water pearls, mother of pearl beads and lovely Aqua Marine beads.

Thank you for watching!


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

They're beautiful!
I've started adding lots of lower cost items to my shop recently in hopes that buyers will think they'll make great gifts :)

riorita said...

Thank you Memoriesforlifescrapbooks!
Hope you will have many sales!

Ashley Faulk said...