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Friday, March 30, 2012

More Solid Natural Opal Rings

Most silver jewelry shops in my country have beautiful showcases with stunning jewelry items with Opal all sizes. The stones are mostly light blue with tiny flashy pieces in them. These Opals are actually a very thin layer of Opal stones with a piece of silicone attached to the back to strengthen them. Without the silicone these stones simply fall apart.

In contrast to the a/m stones, the ones which I use myself for setting in my own jewelry are totallty solid Opal stones, which I purchase directly from their cutters.

Recently I have handcrafted three new Koroit Opal rings from Solid Opal Stones which come from the Koroit Opal mines in Queensland Australia

This stone is amazing. The colors are brown horizontal strips with stunning ochre in the middle and a spray of turquoise which glimmers with tiny hints of red .Reminds me of a miniature abstract painting.
The sterling band of this ring is wide rounded and thick and proportionate to the size of the stone.
The stone  is amazing. Very unique!!
The colors are brown horizontal strips with pale sky blue stripes and a deep turquoise one.

Do I sound like I'm in love with these stones? - You bet I am!
I believe if you saw or held them in your hands, you'd love them too!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My heart is by the Sea of Galilee

Every two weeks or so, I pay a visit to my mother who lives in Tiberias, a town by the Sea of Galilee. My mom is 95 now, and we go out together to a fish or Thai food restaurant in the vicinity, to enjoy some time together.
I visited there last Saturday. Spring was in the air. It was so pleasant and warm, and I took a few photographs.
Eucalyptus grove in the restaurant's backyard

Tiberias is a small city  located  on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee  in Israel.  It was built in 20 BC and named after the Roman emperor Tiberius.

The Sea of Galilee, or as we called it in Hebrew - The Kinneret (in Hebrew the word "Kinor" means a violin , and the shape of the Kinneret is that of a violin) is located in the east side of the Galilee Northern part of Israel, near the Golan Heights in the Jordan Rift Valley. It is a fresh water lake. and is the largest freshwater lake in Israel. As in the past there were quite a few earth quakes and volcanic activities in the area,  there are many basalt rocks in Tiberias, and in the lake itself. 

If you have read the New Testament of the bible you may know that according to the gospels, The ministry of Jesus upon the earth centered around the Sea of Galilee. He spent most of the three years of his ministry along the shore of the Kinneret. Many of  his parables were given here and the Sea of Galilee is where many of his miracles were performed.
Myabe all this will explain why I am so attracted to this are. Beside it is also one of the most beautiful places I know, I grew up there, and - this is where my mother resides.

Window of my mom's bedroom

View to the Sea of Galilee


More view to the Sea of Galilee

It is Spring! No doubt!

As I was driving back home from my Mom's I heard John Martyn's " May you Never" on the radio:
What a loss! he is not around us anymore!

Happy Spring to you all!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Primitive earrings silver and gold plated brass handmade jewelry design - $69.00

Primitive earrings silver are inspired by ancient ethnic earrings but the idea is my own.

These oval earrings are handcrafted from 925 sterling silver.

In the center I soldered two halves of a loop. Through the loops and through the earrings from top to bottom, there is a 22k gold plated brass strip. In side the two sides of the loops I drilled a few holes. On top of the earring, on the ear-wir...

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Long dangle earrings - handmade 22k gold plated sterling silver jewelry - $68.00

Long earrings combined from gold plated with 22k gold 8mm hammered sterling silver disks.

Inspired by Ancient history designs.

The disks connect to each other with loops.

Length: Abt. 7 cm.

Will be packed in a lovely gift box.


This is what was said about them by a buyer:

"Oh my...

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Ancient Coin ring, sterling silver and Judaean Prutah silver jewelry ring - $155.00

Ancient Coin ring. The coin dates from the First Jewish Revolt in the years 66-70 and I set it in a silver ring which I handcrafted for this purpose.

Historical background of the coin:

It was struck in Jerusalem during the Jewish War between 67 - 68AD.

Following the death of Nero Caesar , the jews in Judaea were discontent with the rule of the Romans, as there was a massacre in 66AD, o...

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Blue topaz silver earrings hammered silver flowers and oval cabochons - $99.00

These blue topaz silver earrings were designed and handcrafted from 925 sterling and oval cabochon Blue Topaz stones.

Length of the earrings: about 1.5"

Weight : 4.85 grams

The beautiful blue topaz stones glow gently and brighten-up your face, wherever you go.

They can be custom made with other stones such as Citrine,

Amethyst and other stones. Please...

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gold and pearl ear posts, handcrafted 22k yellow gold plated sterling silver with pearls - $48.00

Gold and pearl ear posts, handmade ear studs created of sterling silver which I gold plated with yellow24k gold, and added 3 fresh water pearls to dangle from them.

Length from top of the stud to the bottom f the pearls: 20mm (0.8").

The earrings have a shiny finish and you can wear them for any occasion.You will find a sterling stamp and my personal signature on the back .


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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Earrings silver and Citrine beads, handmade sterling silver jewelry - $52.00

These Earrings silver and Citrine beads, are handmade  light earrings with 3  Citrine beads in each earring, which are on a small handcrafted sterling silver bow. They connect to the ears with elegant sterling silver hoops.

Size of each earring from the lover edge of the hoops:

22mm x 20mm

The  light shines through them as they dangle.

Will make a wonderful gift fo...

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Freeform Opal silver ring. Koroit Opal stone set in a handcrafted jewelry sterling ring - $185.00

An amazing Freeform Opal silver ring,  handmade4  with a lovely free form Koroit Opal stone. The stone is a solid gemstone, and has lovely opal-matrix patterns and opal filled seams.

The sterling silver band is wide, within proportion to the size of the stone, and decorated with an extra strip of silver hammered and soldered around th...

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ancient style silver and Moonstone Pendant necklace

Sometimes I like to play with ancient styles of jewelry from the past. I remembered the movies I used to watch with kings and queens wearing these large heavy rich necklaces, and felt I simply MUST make one of my own. The result of this urge is this Large silver pendant with stones:
Riorita - Large Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace with Moonstone and garnets. 
 I sawed two flowered shapes from a flat piece of sterling silver, the higher piece was made smaller so that the lower part can be seen from the top. I connectied the two parts in the middle with a sterling silver silver tube, on upper flower I soldered 4 small flowers which I handcrafted and cast beforehand. I set the top with a beautiful moonstone in the center, and four small garnets in the flowers. Then added a thick sterling silver cable chain.

That's what happens to a metalsmith like me when she watches too many historical movies! What will ever become of me?!

It is International women's day  and I was somehow reminded of a wonderful  song , one of the best I've ever listened to, written by a woman - Sandy Denny: 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

First Signs of Spring

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Well, it definitely barged in like a lion at the very first day of March! True, it has been a cold winter, but never as cold , stormy, snowy as it has been ever since March 1st. A real fierce lion it has been! On the other hand - The kids who live in the highest places in our country and in Jersualem were happy, going out to the snow throwing snow balls at each other, greeting the snow with laughs and cheers. I  envy them. I'd like to go out an play with them too but - no snow on Mt. Carmel where I live. Just rather cold!

A day before the storm broke out it was a glorious day. The sun was so nice and warm and I walked around smelling the sweet smells of the fresh trees and flowers around my  handmade jewelry studio and feeling suddenly free and happy knowing that spring is just about to take its place.

When I look at these photos I get this surge of optimistic feelings and new creative ideas enter my mind, so as much as I love lions, I really hope he leaves quietly and lets the lamb come in and take its place!

And here is something else - I missed the " Travelling Wilburys" George Harrison , Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty, so I looked them up in You Tube  and here they are. All of them:

Many of you remember them . I am rather sure of that!