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Monday, May 16, 2011

Round Pink and Pretty

I have recently searched through the collection of round stones in my Handmade jewelry  designs workshop. I decided to create a few new pairs of earrings with the same basic design, with various round colorful stones. I wanted to handcraft the kind of earrings which you may hurriedly wear in the morning before going out,  knowing you would look pretty in them, no matter what you decide to wear. Here is one these pairs:

The stones in these earrings are Cherry quartz and are set in two round granulated disks. They dance gently  whenver you move your head and make you feel as fresh as a daisy. Believe me you will. I made a pair for myself, and though it has been long since I looked so fresh myself (this is a sad joke - heh heh), it worked magic on me - I looked in the mirror least it gave me that feeling!  Real magic! Yeah!

While searching more rounded colorful items on Etsy I have  found these:

The first is of an artist Etsy friend of mine - Yael Berger who  has some of the most delightful  water color prints I've seen on Etsy:

Here is a print she called:
"Blood Orange study, Archival Print of my original watercolor painting , limited edition"

It brings in a fresh breeze of spring with a warm ray of sunshine to your home. Watching these hot red and orange colors gives me a surge of optimistic energy which lasts to the end of the day!

Yael's shop:

The third of my favorite shops is Artiseverything's Etsy shop:

Last Christmas I was at a loss at what to send my friends abroad, and when I found this shop I knew my friends would like what I chose for them. I was right - They liked it a lot and made immediate use of it.

Here is a similar beautiful and colorful item from this shop:

"NEW-Designed business card holder printed retro popart colorful rainbow floral flowers design in turquoise,brown,orange,dark minty green,lemon light pale green"

I love the simple colorful design. Perfect for displaying your own card, or even a small photograph of a beloved person.

That is all for today folks, hoping to be back soon!
More handcrafted artisan jewelry from my shop:

Friday, May 6, 2011

Special attractions on the way to my workshop

The last day of Passover, a couple of weeks ago,  was a beautiful sunny day. I decided to go and finish off an ordered  necklace in my handmade jewelry designs workshop, but on the way remembered that I was invited to Dvora Diskin's family picnic in her garden, and so I decided to hop in and say hello.

Dvora Diskin is a unique ceramic artist. Her creativity is amazing. When I look around  her garden I am always newly surprised by the vast amount of original items I discover there.  From every corner you can view these stunning ceramic creatures which she has created, and which are set among the flowers and trees there. At first - when you enter the garden you get  alarmed by a group of giant snakes. You relax right away though, as  you realize they are only made of clay! Then you stand there looking at one of the items, and feel someone's eyes staring at your back. When you turn around you find that it has been the stare of beautiful turquoise Iguana .You walk a little further and there is a mask laughing scornfully at your face from one of the walls of her house...

Dvora kindly permitted me to photograph her art and here are a few of her unusual pieces:

Ceramic frogs at Dvora Diskin's garden 

Dvora's ceramic  Family tree

Directly  from the Garden of Eden

ceramic sculpture  by Dvora Diskin

Ceramic sculpture - Dvora Diskin
 Mask - Dvora Diskin
 After this unique experience and after enjoying Dvora's coffee, cake and the company of her cheerful family, I left to my workshop to finish what I had in mind and a very fruitful day it was!!

Link to my handcrafted artisan jewelry shop: