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Saturday, December 8, 2012

December stone - Black Onyx Defence

What is Onyx?  It is a semi-precious stone, Chaldedony, which in nature, is found mostly in  brown, red, white, and black. Chalcedony is a large range of stones formed from silicon dioxide better known to us as quartz. 

Here is what they have to say about what Onyx does to you- Have you had any feelings of anger lately? the kind  that makes you feel small and bitter against almost everyone who comes your way? You get up in the morning and you just hate how your partner drinks his coffee in the morning? you want to yell at your new neigbours in your apartment  building to stop slamming their door whenever they go out, ..but  know you have to restrain yourself and have a nice polite little talk with them and you simply can't get yourself to do it?....Or - your favorite pet has  passed away..or something  you have heard on the news which made you feel uncomfortable?...

Well, it is said that when you wear an Onyx stone on your body, it helps release all these negative emotions.  Do you want to end an unhappy relationship? Onyx will give you the energy to do it. It  guards you against negativity from others.. Onyx will defend you against your own bad feelings and of others toward you.

It is also said that as black means the absence of light - invisibility, the dark protects you. Therefore,  In the dark, your senses and awareness are sharpened. You love yourself more!
Model Maital wearing my Onyx and Silver Necklace

Well.......this is what they say about Onyx. I personally believe that when I get up in the morning, I should say to myself: "I am strong! I can control myself! I love myself! I love everyone and am able to accept them as they are! and..... I am going to wear these lovely Onyx earrings I left by my bedside because they go well with my outfit and will show everyone what a wonderful positive person I am!!!".......(?)

Between you and me - you should teach yourself to be positive if you wear Onyx or you don't. but one thing is definitely most certain - Onyx makes most women look their best!

I handcrafted a pair of Onyx earrings and a necklace.
Here they are for you:

1. Elegant Silver and black onyx necklace .Oval Onyx stone and sterling Necklace handmade by hammering flower shapes with  dispersed  tiny granulations which are soldered around a Silver bezel with a large oval Onyx stone. The result is a  romantic elegant pendant, which is hung on a thick industrial sterling silver chain.

size of the pendant: 50mm x 45mm (about 2" x1.8")
Length: 45cm (18")

2. Black Onyx and silver dangle earrings,  I used  13x16mm (about 0.10" x 0.12") bezels.  In them I set black oval rosecut Onyx stones. The bezels are of sterling silver and they dangle from elegant sterling earring posts too.The bezels are soldered to an oval flat oxidized silver plate 0.6 m"m thick . The  length from the end of the posts is 27mm.

So now that I've told you my thoughts - get up, wear your most charming smile and wear my earrings or  my necklace

Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy teardrop Earrings

I have searched the internet for the term  "Happy Teardrops", to find something suitable  for this  post, but there  were  too many sad teardrops.  The only "happy tears" I found were a title of a song and a play, but they  did not fit here. 

I guess the only really  happy tears, are the ones I intend to write about - My earrings. Why  HAPPY? because who needs SAD?

OK now. Enough with the blah!

Here are three pairs of teardrop earrings directly from my Etsy shop:

 Green Apple quartz earrings:
These stunning teardrop earrings are handcrafted from sterling silver with  a tiny 14k gold ball and Green Apple Quartz stones. I chose these unique rosecut stones, because of the exceptional colors.

Their length from top to bottom: 1.45"(about 3.6cm).
Stone sizes: 9mm x 13mm.
Thickness of the earwires: 0.8mm
Weight: about 2.4 – 2.7 grams.

The next pair are the ones I handcrafted with small round Amethyst cabochons

These earrings are created from sterling silver. A tiny 14ct gold ball was added, and on the bottom there is a 7mm diam.  Amethyst cabochon. There are hooks behind the earrings .

Length:0.70" from end of the ear-wires

The third pair are similar to the Amethysts but with the difference that they are set with Garnets

My Garnet and Silver dangle earrings.

As I searched, I found a favorite country  song:

Hope you all enjoy your holidays and if you must have tears, let them only be HAPPY ONES!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Affordable Quality Jewelry Gifts with Sterling Silver and Stones

I have a tendency to design my handmade jewelry, trying new ideas, not considering the cost of components but just go on excitedly to create  items which would beautify women. Of course not all these more expensive designs are popular with buyers. I just take a chance by using various stones, some more expensive and some - less.  But  then it gets to pricing. I realize I might have to give them a higher price, as there is more silver in them.( Of course, the more silver you add to an item, the more expensive the item turns out to be). Then I have to consider the price of stones and the work I have to go back down to earth and say to myself "think about your customers dear, after all, you want to sell this. Don't you?"

So here I am, thinking as a gift buyer: " I need to buy, say, 10 gifts. I want people to enjoy my gifts.  I cannot spend more that $25-27 for a gift. My girl friend likes silver earrings and stones, but I cannot afford to spend more!" 

As I know now how a gift buyer thinks, I decided to handcraft a pair of earrings which I would like to wear myself, and which would not be too costly!  I created two small triangle sterling posts and added small lovely Red Agate beads to dangle from their edges. A simple design but - sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!

I believe I have handcrafted  a  lovely pair of affordable earring studs with authentic stones. I can honestly tell you that if someone would have given these earrings to me on Christmas eve, it would make me very happy. I'd feel that the person who gave them to me, thought of what I would love to have. He thought of ME when he bought these.

Attached is a photo of a lovely model - Meital who is wearing these earring posts:

The same earrings can be made with other beads too, such as small fresh water pearls, mother of pearl beads and lovely Aqua Marine beads.

Thank you for watching!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tourmaline and Silver Flower Earrings - Pink and Blue green

I have returned from my vacation, have rested for a few days and then decided it was high time I became creative again, as  my grand kids and creativiy, are the things which get me going in life. I began by thinkung "this is September. I will make September stone earrings with sapphires". I searched through my small  collection of stones, but could not find Sapphires which would go with earrings. As it was too hot and damp outside, I gave up the idea of going down to my favorite shop, where I buy stones for setting and between you and me - I've become a too lazy to walk in this summer's unbearable weather.

While searching through my stone collection I found a few Tourmaline cabochons, one was blue green and the other - pink. I had an idea of a pair of earrings in my mind. So I spontaneousely got to work at my table and this is the outcome:

The earrings are somewhat longer than the standard dangles, but not too long. I am a small woman and I felt that I could wear these earrings too, as they are in proportion with the length of my own neck.

As I like to search other people's shops too, I  have searched "pink and blue green" on Etsy and found quite a few lovely items under these tags. Here are a few of them:


The last wonderful unique item comes from Finland, out of a shop named ForMyDarling where you may find mittens,bags,homedecor, owls , birds and wedding decor. The following
are a lovely example of the warmth and love invested in them:

The owner of "ForMyDarling" loves to work mainly with wool, she collects all her materials in flea markets, and creates her felt by using her washing machine.

I guess I could find many more beautiful items on Etsy under the tag "blue green and pink" but there are so many shops there, and I do not wish to tire you with a too lon post!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My visit to Venice

For many years I've been wanting to visit Venice in Italy. After having read  the history of  this wonderful unusual city, viewing a few movies photographed in it,  and reading a few books having to do with Venice, I decided it was high time for me to go and see for myself.

I therefore joined a group of people whose common interest was art in Venice, and travelled there. We arrived at Milano and on the way to Venice had visited Mantova where we viewed the palaces of the Gonzaga family. Then we drove on to Venice.

 The excited emotions I felt when approaching the city on the long bridge the "Via de Liberta" connecting  between the mainland and the city,  are beyond compare to any other I felt when arriving at a large and famous place.

The Ponte della Libertà, was designed in 1932 by Eugenio Miozzi and opened by Benito Mussolini in 1933. It is 4 km long and the only way one can arrive at Venice by car or bus. There is also a railroad which was constructed in 1846. Before this, one could get to Venice by boat only..... 

When the bus could not go any further, we took a boat to our hotel in the Giudecca Island in the Venetian lagoon and as it was late in the evening we started touring the city the following morning.

This postcard shows an ancient map of Venice from 1565.

As there is a lot of information in Google concerning Venice, I will only say in short, that there is the venetian lagoon and There are about 177 canals, 354 bridges and 118 islands connecting to one another in it . 

After a long walk through the streets of the Piazza San Marco, a visit to the Academia gallery, the Peggy Guggenheim museum, the Scuola di san rocco, the church of Santa Maria dei Frari (The Frari Basilica) and  churches with some of the most beautiful and amazing famous art pieces, (OK - not all in one day!!!) My friend Rina and I decided to sit in one of the many restaurants and cafes there and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

I guess the waiters took a quick look at us, and rightfully assumed we were too tired to change our minds about sitting there, and had us spend some 63.00 Euro together on two cups of coffee,  apple pie with cream, a little music, a tip, and the visit of a cute pidgeon who wanted to share with us....Well as this was a once (or twice)  in a lifetime  experience we did not take it too much to heart).

I cannot show all the 200  photographs of Venice I took there, but here are a few of my favorites:
View across our hotel

Portrait of an old woman in the Academia Gallery in Venice by Veronese
Enlarged detail of a base of one of the pedestals in Piazza San Marco

Spiral house belonged to the rich family Cantini in 1499
We were luckily  permitted to enter the the Grand Teatro La Fenice in Venice. I've been to a few grand theatres before, but this is one of the most impressive:
This is just a small sample. One should see the place.
It drew quite a few "WOWs" from us when we entered.
An excerpt from a  column in the Doges's palace in Piazza San Marco

One of my favorite writers, Henry James, who enjoyed long stays in Venice  where he had written the novels "The Aspern Papers" and  "The Wings of the Dove" (which takes place in Venice, and which was  filmed and  nominated for an Academy Award) and  also completed there the writing of the novel "Portrait of a  Lady"wrote with regard to the statue seen hereunder in front of the church of Saint John and Paul:

Bronze statue of Bartolommeo Colleoni, the condottiere By Verrocchio (1435-1488)
Height of the statue is 395cm without the base.

One of my favorite writers, Henry James, who enjoyed long stays in Venice  where he had written the novels "The Aspern Papers" , finished writing "Portrait of a Lady" and  "The Wings of the Dove" (which takes place in Venice, and which was  filmed and  nominated for an Academy Award) wrote about the statue by Verrochio seen hereunder in front of the church of Saint John and Paul:

"The statue is incomparable, the finest of all mounted figures, unless that of Marcus Aurelius, who rides benignant before the Roman Capitol, be finer......he continued to look far over my head, at the red immersion of another day- he had seen so many go down into the lagoon through the centuries - and if he were thinking of battles and stratagems they were of a different quality from any I had to tell him of.He could not direct me what to do, gaze up at him as I might..." 
Many thanks to our guide Dr. Efi Ziv, who saw to it that we do not miss a single art piece of the great painters Tizian,Tintoretto,Veronese, statues of Donatello and more, and took care of every detail in our little trip.

Thanks to my dear friend Rina Karmoush who helped me remember a few almost forgotten details.  

I could write more about Venice and the genius grand art we saw and learned to appreciate there,  but this is only a post in my blog. I can only tell you  that it has not been my last visit to Venice, and I itend to go there again sometime in the future, as you can spend many days there and never lose interest.

On our way back to Milano we had visited Ravenna,Padova,Verona...but I shall leave these unforgettable places for  another post...perhaps!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

August birthstone - Peridot

I have just taken a look at my last post and was rather shocked  - July 3rd! How the time flies! I feel as if it was only yesterday!..Where has the time gone?.. well, now it is already August, and as time cannot be brought back, I shall try to concentrate on the future!

August birth stone, as we all know, has a beautiful green color  -  the Peridot!.

Here are a few Peridot greens which I have found on the Etsylush team on Etsy:
Let me begin by offering my own Peridot earrings handcrafted with  gold plated silver and Peridot beads:

These earrings can be worn all year round, they are light and will beautify you all summer especially in August!
You will find my shop here:

Melojane is the name of the Etsy shop owned by Melissa Jane from Melbourne Victoria in Australia. She is a full time university student who is studying visual arts. Her love for bright colors can be viewed in her beautiful quality  items created with various fabrics. Here is a favorite of mine. It is a flowers dots clutch purse:

AngsanaSeeds is a shop of some beautiful Nature photography, home decor, the city  and more. The photographs are  either in Black and White or in color. The owner enjoys travelling and and collecting memories in photographs. My favorite photograph is this:
It is Gorgeous! I hope you agree!

Now for the next shop OneRustyNail which is run by husband and wife Maranda and Arnold. The shop reveals to us some very special vintage treasures and finds. Maranda and Arnold enjoy goint to auctions and estate sales, and love to find strange colorful objects. As I love to roam in flea markets myself, I can easily  identify with the enthusiasm in finding special items. Here is one my  favorites from their shop. It is a Peridot alright!
What a lovely item! Just looking at it, cools off the exceedingly hot weather outside by 2 degrees at least. So refreshing it is!

Now let me hand you a lovely fresh flower! A definite Peridot for your August outfit!
You will find it in Stephanie Thompson's shop Stephanieh02. Stephanie is from Chelsea Michigan. She handcrafts original handmade greeting cards, fabric flower accessories and more.

I hope you will love all these items as much as I do. Have a pleasant, breezy and not too hot summer!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July Birthstone Ruby and Friends from Team Elite

Finally summer is here and  I have this happy feeling of freedom, watching people stroll along the beach, going out with their kids ,outdoor shopping, fairs, out door swimming,etc.,  but with it comes, the sometimes hard to bear heat which causes us to  stay indoors with the air condition   avoiding  the strong UV rays and the humidity.

So - welcome July with your good and your bad! (and whose perfect?!) I accept you as you are! I love your Ruby red birthstone, and will show some items which have to do with your birthstone! All creators are members of the Elite team on Etsy which I have joined only recently.

I'll begin with my own stuff (yours humbly!)

I have handcrafted these Ruby Red Sea glass earrings. I simply picked two pieces from my beach glass collection box and set them in sterling silver bezels, soldered  the ear wires on their backs ,added hooks for the ear wires. They look like two raw Ruby stones hanging from the ears of the young lady who will wear them (this includes all ages of us ladies, as we are ALL young! -in our hearts at least that is!).

Ruby Red Sea Glass and Silver earrings by Riorita
 I have checked a few items among the Elite team members which would go well with July Birthstone and have found two more lovely items:

The first is this awesome scarf from seno's Shop . This shop belongs to Senem from Ankara Turkey, and includes handmade accessories. A mother of Ada who was born in 2009, she sells handmade beauties crafted by her aunt, sister and herself. I have entered her shop and loved each item. The photos are beautiful too!

Scarf by Seno
Now for a stunning photograph I found in the third Elite team member's shop named SassInc:
owned and run by Christy Harrisson from

Photo by SassInc on Etsy

I find that this dramatic romantic image fits perfectly into my July Birthstone post.

In Christy's shop  SennoInc you will find Fine art photography, invitation and stationery designs,candles, soaps and more.

Christy is  a freelance photographer, and takes photos of everything she likes as she believes in the importance of documenting moments in life with photography! She also designs card invitations and more. You will find a variety of her art in her shop.

So kind folks, until my next post - adieu!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Once in a Blue Sea glass ring and Friends

It has been a long time since I've visited this blog of mine. I do not know why, I guess I wanted to take a small break, refresh the ideas in my mind or whatever...

Lately I've added a new Blue Sea glass and Silver ring to my shop:

Silver Metalwork and Blue Sea Glass Ring
I picked this unusual piece of glass from a collection I have in my studio and looked it over from all angles then decided to handcraft  a ring with it. Here's a compliment I received from one of my friends :"Everyone knows I hate blue, but this ring I would wear gladly!".... Funny girl. But sweet - don't you agree?

As it is rather boring to write only about my own stuff,  I looked around my Etsy favorites under the term "Blue" and found some gorgeous items which I believe you would love too.
I'll begin with this awesome blue card:

Blue Card by Dr. Batsheva Gillat
I picked it up from the Bold Folds shop run by Dr. Batsheva Gillat 
 As the shop owner tells us, her art began as a passion which became an obsession. She invests endless hours of love in her wonderful hand made cards.
She has been doing these amazing art works for no less than 40 years!

In her work she uses various techniques, such as Cut-out.Pop-up,Unit or Modular Origami and more.

You will find more interesting details in her shop page.
Personally - her shop is one of the most unique I have found on Etsy! Way to go Batsheva!

The second unique art piece was this Beautiful Ketubah
Ketubah birds of Paradise by Anna Kronick
I have found artist Anna Kronick in my  "On Fire for Handmade" team.
The Ketubah is a traditional document-agreement  written in Hebrew which every Jewish bride  receives from her groom upon their wedding, in which he commits himself to take care of her for the rest of their life together.

This papercut by Anna Kronick is a unique design which she  hand cut  from a single piece of silkscreen paper, then embellished it by a mosaic of colorful paper, Whimsical birds and traditional motifs. It is a beautiful work of art and a keepsake.

You will find this item and more beautiful ones in her Etsy shop.

Well folks, I hope you enjoy my choices for this post, at least as much as I did.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Double Sided Silver and Crystal Necklace

Every week I go to visit my sister's place in Tiberias. Her garden is one of the places which inspire me most, especially in Spring when it is still very beautiful and pleasant before the hot Summer arrives and dries everything up.
Of course I took a few photographs.

Did I promise you a Rose Garden? - Here it is !
These purples are beautiful. Wish I knew how they call them! 

Winnie, my sister's cat, enjoying his sunbath

 Winnie is king of the garden. I've never seen any other cats around beside him!

When I came back home I had this necklace in my mind so I handcrafted it, with red wine facetted crystals. It is double sided, so they can be worn according to ones state of mind.

Double sided silver and Crystal Necklace one side up - smooth surface

Double Sided silver and crystals -Smooth side up

Friday, May 18, 2012

Teardrop Pearls and silver Flower earrings

Pearls of all sizes and shapes have been some of women's most favorite objects. History shows us jewelry endowed with pearls worn by majestic figures - queens, princesses and even ladies from lower social ranks of historical ages.

I have recently "discovered" a painting by 16th century Scottish artist Adrian Vanson, of Queen Anne of Denmark, wife of  King James the VI. and as I viewed her in admiration, I observed the  expression in her eyes, the high forehead, her beautiful hair jewelry , and.....her earrings.

Of course this was a source of inspiration to me, and as I have recently acquired a pair of beautiful classy teardrop pearls, I have set to work, and this is the result:

I hammered a piece of silver to shapes of small flowers, had them cast, then polished the silver and oxidized it, added the studs and loops, finally hung the white  teardrop pearls to dangle.

Made with Love!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Silver Coin Necklace with Goddess Athena

I have recently listed a sterling silver necklace with an ancient coin reproduction, showing Greek Mythology  Goddess Pallas Athena. I always use only AUTHENTIC ancient coins for my sterling jewelry designs, but as  an EXCEPTION I have decided to set this replica silver coin  in a silver pendant. I hung it on a “snake” sterling chain to be worn  as a necklace.
On the back of the coin you will find the image of an OWL which is Athena’s symbol of the way she arrived into this world:

When I was very small , I asked a neigbour of ours who had lived upstairs, what all kids ask:
"where do babies come from"?
She looked at me, with a little smile on her face, pointed at her forehead and said:
"From here! This is where they come from!"

 Well, according to  the Greek Mythology, Athena was the daughter of the mighty Zeus. She was not born from a woman, but- no more, no less - leaped out of Zeus’s head, clothed with all of her armour!!! 

Replica silver coin necklace with the image of Athena

The owl symbolizes Athena's birth
To continue the story , Zeus’s first wife was  METIS.  She was wisest of all beings. When she was about to give birth to  Athena, Zeus, who was aware of Metis's destiny to give birth to the most brilliant children, and wished to prevent them from taking over his place,  assimilated her into his own body. 

The city of Athens is  named after her. She is the patroness of civilized life,  art, and of agriculture.

As she was Zeus’s favorite daughter, he let her use his insignia: the terrible shield, the aegis, and his ray, the most dangerous and fearful  weapon.
 She was "nicknamed" in the Mythology as "The Bright Eyed". 
She is the first of the three virgin Goddesses, also known as Maidens (PARTHENOS - Athena, Artemis and Hestia).The famous  Parthenon temple was derived from this. 
In poetry Athena  is described as the symbol of Wisdom, Reason and Purity.
She created the OLIVE TREE, and the OWL is a symbol of her unusual birth.
One of the reasons I used this reproduced coin, inspite of its  being only a replica,  is its beauty , but there is another reason –  I have always admired the Ancient Greeks for choosing a female figure as a symbol of wisdom. Unfortunately, for our world, even today in the 21st century,  we think of ourselves as more modern and smart than humans were ever in the past, but women's contribution to our world still sadly underestimated.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Yankee Burrow Creations: My Besteam Monday spent in Israel

Yankee Burrow Creations: My Besteam Monday spent in Israel

Aquamarine beach glass and Silver necklace with Mint and Sage leaves

Saturday the sky was clear and it was nice and warm, I let my cat Mazie out to her balcony and saw that the mint and sage in the window box  have returned to life during Spring. As I was holding a piece of Aquamarine colored beach glass in my hand, I realized I knew how I wanted  to spend the rest of my Saturday.

Inspired by the freshness of the leaves, I sat at my work table at home and handcrafted this necklace:

Riorita - Aquamarine beach glass with silver,brass and copper Necklace
To make it, I used a flat peace of silver of 0.6mm thickness, and soldered on it sawed and hammered leaves from brass and copper pieces I found in my metal box.

When I finished it I was rather satisfied, as it was made with love! With a necklace like this decorating your outfit, who needs Gold?! - I definitely don't! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunday was a day of fun!

One of my greatest pleasures in life is playing with my two and a half years old grandson.
Sunday I visited my daughter Adi's  little family. As Adi was busy with her newborn baby, I went to fetch the older son from his day care. He ran up to me happily but then suddenly looked a little worried. I understood. I said: "let's go home and we'll kiss your mom and your little baby brother!". When we got home he ran to his mom and the baby and kissed him and we took care he will not kiss him TOO hard.
Then he said :"Let's go to the playground"!

Adi decided to stay home that day, so I took him by the hand and we went over to the playground across the street. We played a kind of "soccer" on the grass,  then "Hide and Seek" (I was watching every step of his, through my "closed" fingers while he was hiding from me), and then he went over to the slide. He climbed the ladder and slid down, once, twice, three times and then he said" "grandma why don't you come and slide too?". What could I say? I HAD to find something to say!  "My leg aches, I cannot climb" escaped my lips. (Lying to a little boy - shame on me!). "So climb with your other foot" said he. Wise guy!... But adorable!

Then we returned home and his father was waiting for him there with open arms.

When I returned home I was full of energy, so in spite f the late hour, I sat at my table and handcrafted these  Aquamarine beach glass earrings and silver.

Hope you like them!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Delicate Pipe Boulder Opal ring and a Turkish dish

My daughter asked me today to help her with the cooking. " Something vegetarian" she said. So I am cooking a  Turkish dish with Bulgur wheat, tomatoes, eggplants and parsley, which I copied from my favorite cook book. I will tell you how it came out at the end of this post. While it is cooking, let me tell you about my new delicate Pipe Boulder Opal ring.

I set this lovely small pipe Boulder Opal stone which  I bought on the internet, in a DELICATE bezel on a thin band. I am writing the word "delicate" in capital letters, because usually I have a tendency to handcraft large bulky rings with big stones. I really love large stones becuase you see a portion of  the riches of the earth, but this stone has it all - multiple colors and mysterious electric flashes. The stone is a pleasure to watch.

I also found that it can be worn with a couple of stacking rings:

While the band of the ring is created with sterling silver, the stacking rings are gold plated brass rings which I handcrafted for this purpose.

Well, now the Bulgur wheat dish is finished and ready to eat.
Just tasted it. Yummy!

First I'd like to show off a bowl I bought from my friend Naomi, the ceramicist. This is the" before" photo of how it looks . I will put some of the bulgur wheat in it. Aint it a beauty? 

And now for what I cooked:

Do these photos of "before" and "after" remind you of what they show you when they want to convince you to make a face lift? (LOL!) So tell me now - which one looks best?....
Here's the recipe for you guys from a book called "Fast and Fabulous"  by Benny Saida:

1/4 cup olive oil
2 thinly sliced onions
2 cups of bulgar wheat
4 tomatoes - peeled and sliced
1 tablespoonful tomato paste
Salt, Freshly ground pepper
1 tea spoon of sugar
1.3/4 glasses of water
2 eggplants, sliced into squares and fried
1/2 a cup of chopped parsley.

First you fry the onions in the olive oil, in a large pan.
You mix in the bulgur and fry on for 2 minutes.
Add the tomatoes, the tomato paste and the salt and pepper
Add the water (or broth) and bring to a boil.
Cover the pot and cook for 20 minutes on very low heat until all
the juices are absorbed.
Remove from the cooker and leave it for 20 minutes more.
Add the sliced eggplants and the parsley.
Mix everything up and...


Served to you with love!