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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Double Sided Silver and Crystal Necklace

Every week I go to visit my sister's place in Tiberias. Her garden is one of the places which inspire me most, especially in Spring when it is still very beautiful and pleasant before the hot Summer arrives and dries everything up.
Of course I took a few photographs.

Did I promise you a Rose Garden? - Here it is !
These purples are beautiful. Wish I knew how they call them! 

Winnie, my sister's cat, enjoying his sunbath

 Winnie is king of the garden. I've never seen any other cats around beside him!

When I came back home I had this necklace in my mind so I handcrafted it, with red wine facetted crystals. It is double sided, so they can be worn according to ones state of mind.

Double sided silver and Crystal Necklace one side up - smooth surface

Double Sided silver and crystals -Smooth side up


Sandy Weaver said...

Beautiful garden and necklace! I can see why you go there often. Winnie is quite a cutie!

Angela said...

lovely flowers :)

riorita said...

Thank you Sandy!

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