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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ancient coin ring - Greek bronze coin set in a silver ring

I am a great lover of History and art, and when I receive or buy an ancient coin, I like to show it to the world by setting it in a piece of jewelry, rings mainly. I also love to give the ring an ancient style touch, which enables me to set the coins in unsymmetrical shapes.

 I hand crafted this silver ring by setting an authentic acient Greek Bronze coin which was struck in 148-80 in Maroneia which is in the Greek Rhodope Perfecture , not far from the Bulgarian southern border.Maroneia was known for its production of wine and the wine  festivities which took place at the time.

The  head shown in the coin is of  the god Dionysus, mythological  god of the grape harvest, wine production and of rituals and ecstatic  festivals. He was also a symbol of the ancient greek theater. On the  back of the coin, as seen in the inside of my ring you can view Dionysus in the nudewith a bunch of grapes in his hands.

The ring is made to fit US size 7.5, but can be adapted to smaller or larger sizes.

Thanks you for watching!


Lostlemonade said...

Nice ring, I love the way you set the coin ^_^

Sweet Fix @ Maria Corcuera said...

Amazing ring!!!

Sharons Collection said...

Very excellent post on handmade jewelry designs. Ring and bracelets are most common ones because every women wants to look gracious with a nice handmade jewelry rings on her finger.

riorita said...

Thank you so much for your comments!

Ruby Earrings said...
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