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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Silver Heart within a Heart Necklace and Renewed Moonstone necklace

Two weeks before Valentine's Day I said to myself : "You have to design something with a heart"!
I had an idea of what I wanted to do,  and started creating it, but as it was just a short while before I had to return home I decided  to continue with it the day after.
Well,  the "day later"  was quite unexpected, as The Almighty had decided to change my plans for me. What happened was that I had a small accident which kept me at home for about 10 days! A heart necklace? - forget it! 
Yesterday I decided that staying  home for 10 days has been a long enough confinement, so I got into my car and  drove  to my workshop.

There was the unfinished heart necklace waiting for me on my work table. I pushed everything  aside and enthusiastically continued to work on it. A little late for Valentine's day, but - we love heart necklaces all year 'round. Don't we?!

Riorita handmade jewelry Designs  - Heart within a Heart Necklace

While I am at it, here is my renewed Moonstone necklace, with a smooth silver chain instead of the beads which I published a few days ago:

Hope you agree with the change in my design.


SuziesImaginarium said...

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riorita said...

Thank you Suzie.
I am definitely going to follow you back!
Thank you for your comment too!

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indiagems said...

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