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Friday, August 5, 2011

My personal tips on How to store your collected handmade, or other, jewelry

I have been a jewelry collector, ever since I received my first heirloom from my mother. It was a gold heart locket and gold chain, with a photograph of my parents in it, and a tiny unpolished diamond on the front. I rweceived it when I was about 10 years old, and  many years later, these days, I still   like to wear it every once in a while

Some of the jewelry  we own has great sentimental  value to  us. They maybe  keepsakes from  a beloved person  or something you found in a jewelry shop which you love .Some of it may be valuable also for its worth in money , whether it is made of gold, silver and very prescious, or simply for the artistic value, when it was created by an a unique jewelry artist.

No matter, what the source of jewelry you own is worth, be it a gold pair of earrings, or a lovely cheaper pair made with beads, one should be aware that they should be protected from breakage, dust, humidity in the air, and tarnish. Handcrafted or industrial jewelry, can break easily, as it is fragile.

The reasons for this is that humidity causes your jewelry to look rusty which might lead to breakage. Imagine you wanting to wear a favorite pai of earrings you own and your dismay at discovering that it has become rusty. Not very pleasant. right? dust can contribute to this too. 
It is true the sterling silver  and gold jewelry can be easily cleaned, but why waste your precious  time on cleaning it, if you can avoid this?

The drastic changes of temperature between cold and warm weather, has an impact on your jewelry too., as metals have the quality of contracting. And expanding. This may "contribute" to cracks in your  favorite pieces. Therefore, it is well advised to keep your jewelry in a box where the changes of weather have no effect on it.
 The solution to this is very simple - just  keep your jewelry in a special box. Never leave it on a hanger near your mirror in the bedroom, even if this could seem very decorative. Keep a separate box for earrings. And one for your necklaces rings and bracelets.

There are many lovely jewelry boxes you can buy for very reasonable prices. They will serve you very well – keep your jewelry in a weather  protected place and do not forget that a cute jewelry box is a wonderful way to decorate your room,.

Here's a lovely jewelry box I have foun on Etsy:
You will find this handcrafted box in the  Etsy shopThedecorativebox. It is created from acrylic painted wood and decorated with rhinestones,silkflowers and more. I just love it. Looks perfect for storing jewelry in it.

My Etsy shop:


Almost Precious said...

Great advice. I once gave my young pre-teen daughter an expensive necklace bought at a highly reputable jewelry shop. The chain was 14 k gold and had a pendant containing a single stone of sparkling, white topaz. It was her favorite necklace and she wore it often. Then one day she tells me she thinks the stone in her necklace is a fake as it had darkened. When I asked her if she took it off when she showered or went swimming she said "Of course not! I always keep it on". Ah, ha ... there in lay the problem.

riorita said...

Thank you for your little story. I've learnt something from it too!

TheDecorativeBox said...

Thank you so much for showing my box on your blog. It is so very kind of you!


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