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Thursday, August 2, 2012

August birthstone - Peridot

I have just taken a look at my last post and was rather shocked  - July 3rd! How the time flies! I feel as if it was only yesterday!..Where has the time gone?.. well, now it is already August, and as time cannot be brought back, I shall try to concentrate on the future!

August birth stone, as we all know, has a beautiful green color  -  the Peridot!.

Here are a few Peridot greens which I have found on the Etsylush team on Etsy:
Let me begin by offering my own Peridot earrings handcrafted with  gold plated silver and Peridot beads:

These earrings can be worn all year round, they are light and will beautify you all summer especially in August!
You will find my shop here:

Melojane is the name of the Etsy shop owned by Melissa Jane from Melbourne Victoria in Australia. She is a full time university student who is studying visual arts. Her love for bright colors can be viewed in her beautiful quality  items created with various fabrics. Here is a favorite of mine. It is a flowers dots clutch purse:

AngsanaSeeds is a shop of some beautiful Nature photography, home decor, the city  and more. The photographs are  either in Black and White or in color. The owner enjoys travelling and and collecting memories in photographs. My favorite photograph is this:
It is Gorgeous! I hope you agree!

Now for the next shop OneRustyNail which is run by husband and wife Maranda and Arnold. The shop reveals to us some very special vintage treasures and finds. Maranda and Arnold enjoy goint to auctions and estate sales, and love to find strange colorful objects. As I love to roam in flea markets myself, I can easily  identify with the enthusiasm in finding special items. Here is one my  favorites from their shop. It is a Peridot alright!
What a lovely item! Just looking at it, cools off the exceedingly hot weather outside by 2 degrees at least. So refreshing it is!

Now let me hand you a lovely fresh flower! A definite Peridot for your August outfit!
You will find it in Stephanie Thompson's shop Stephanieh02. Stephanie is from Chelsea Michigan. She handcrafts original handmade greeting cards, fabric flower accessories and more.

I hope you will love all these items as much as I do. Have a pleasant, breezy and not too hot summer!


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Beautiful finds! The bowl and the flower are my favorites :)

Angsana Seeds said...

Thanks for much for featuring one of my photos! Your blog is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I can't even say how much I appreciate your support and effort. Thanks so much for sharing my fabric flower and all these wonderful hand crafted beauties! Happy to be in your blog! This is very well done :-)

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Wonderful selections! Love the flower hair clip!

Anonymous said...

Cool finds. I just LOVE peridot.

pasqueflower said...

Beautiful finds! Just had to pin that cute clutch! said...

Gorgeous! Love the fresh light green and gold hammered texture.

riorita said...

Thank you very much everyone!

Isobel Morrell said...

Have got some Victorian jewellry which was passed to me by Great Aunts and Grandmother which have peridot and pearls - I love them, and they will be passed to each of my daughters when I no longer need them!

Have just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award - Blog Award.html. Thanks for all the enjoyment I've had reading your posts, and for your friendship. Long may it continue!

Nick Brown said...

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