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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My new Handcrafted Sterling Silver and Kyanite ring

Recently I have acquired a few beautiful Kyanite cabochons,  with non standard sizes. I left everything I was doing and handcrafted a new sterling silver ring design with the stone. The ring design  is handmade with  a round smooth band and a bezel soldered on it , nicely finished in which I set the stone.

About Kyanite:

The name KYANITE comes from the word in Greek kuanos or "kyanos".  which means deep blue.
It is a blue silicate. It is a metamrphic mineral.

In Nature it looks like a bladed crystal  but sometimes it can be found  as  masses of crystals.  Many times it is  associated with other metamorphic minerals , for example:  the garnet.

The mineral was called in the past  DISTHENE  meaning  "two strengths". 

 Kyanite's known healing properties:

It is believed that it helps open and clear one's communication centers. The Kyanite mineral does not need to be cleaned. Known to carry a light energy which attracts spiritual beings such as spirit guides, angels etc.,,.

This is how the Kyanite stone looks when found in Nature , before it is cut for setting:

Beautiful,blue, mysterious and spiritual!

Link to this ring in my Etsy shop:

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Almost Precious said...

It is a beautiful stone and the ring you've made is gorgeous. There's a lot of silver in that little ring.

Almost Precious said...

Oh forgot to mention that I really enjoyed reading about the properties of Kyanite. Very interesting.