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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My new Blue beachglass jewelry ring and friends

very once in a while a customer asks me about a ring with beach/sea glass set in it. I then go to a box in my workshop where I keep all treashures of beach glass pieces, and search for a piece which may be suitable. I made the ring, then added tiny peices of 14k gold and a bezel and finally set the glass in it.

New blue beach glass ring set in sterling silver and gold

I was rather satisfied with the outcome, and so was my customer.

You will find more items with beach glass and more here:

As I looked for more Etsy shops with items whose subject would be the beach and sea, I found some very nice shops.The first was this one:

A beautiful print by a wonderful artist whose Etsy shop name is AlisaPaints.
The print is a copy of an original  painting  with soft pastel colors displaying two pretty girls seeking for sea shells on the beach.


Etsy shop name : AlisaPaints
 I went on with my search and found those awesome pieces of what looked like broken pieces which the sea has tumbled for years upon years. The pieces were collected by two people, Sierra and Lonnie, who live on Kawaii and are the owners of the Etsy shop KauaiShellsandMore.
 They collect the pieces from the shores of Kauai in Hawaii.

Beach glass from KauaiShellsand More

Shop on Etsy : KauaiShellsandMoreEtsy 

The third Etsy shop I chose for this post is that of carensilvestri.

  The owner of this shop lives in Southern California and specialized in landscape photography and enjoys photographing  the gifts of  Nature in Macro. She travels and practices her art mainly on the west coast. I love her !work and I am quite ceratain you will love them too.

Etsy shop: carensilvestri

More handmade jewelry designs:

1 comment:

Almost Precious said...

What a beautiful ring you crafted !
The sea glass looks like a true gemstone, it is just fantastic. I can see why your customer would have been very pleased with the ring you made for her.