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Friday, January 20, 2012

Papier Mache Artists at Work

About three workshops away from my jewelry design workshop, there is another workshop, owned by my friend Ruth  where you will meet a small group of lively (and  may I  add - lovely!) ladies who have decided to collaborate on a few activities. First of all - they go every Sunday to the Italian Consulate in Haifa, to study Italian together. But the reason I decided to write this post about them is their unique art!
When entering Ruth's workshop, you will be stunned to find there a variety of sculpted  animals, flowers, people - all made of paper , glue and paint. Most of them are her own creations but there are many pieces made by her students.
When I entered her workshop a few days ago, they were working energetically on their sculptures preparing for an exhibition of their works  which will take place on February this year.

The artists displayed in the following images are Ruth Shnitzer and Etu Meikler
Etu and Ruth working at their Paper sculptures. Ruth is on the right

Ruth at work on one of her characters

Lots of affection between Etu and her paper man 
The atmosphere in that workshop is of  lively creativity with a lot of positive energy . 
These are unfinished projects. I will post the finished works, before they go to the exhibition. But before I do, here is a finished paper statue by Ruth, inspired by Botero's painting of a dancing couple.
Couple dancing the Tango - after Botero's painting
Finished project by Ruth Shnitzer 
Thinking of ECO - unlike  meatlsmith  jewelers like myself, where the materials are becoming more and more expensive,  creating such beauties from paper which is lying around in tons everywhere, makes me wish I had a magic wand where I could touch a newspaper  and turn it into silver or even Gold.

On the other hand - perhaps I should begin to  create jewelry made of paper too!...That's something to think about!


Angela said...

Your friends have some very complex and unique pieces!

tombelfort said...

This is very nice and unique pieces of handmade jewelry.If you want to see handmade Jewelry then see at Handmade jewelry

Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Wonderful work, I love the dancing couple!! Thanks for sharing!

Island Buzzy said...

I love these! Gorgeous! Irith, is your studio housed in a building that has a number of studios? Thank you for sharing this!

Almost Precious said...

They are certainly very creative and talented ladies. The papier mache statue of the dancing couple is darling and made me smile when I saw it.

I agree with you that jewelry supplies have gotten very expensive and it seems that the price of precious metals just keeps going up and up. Paper may be a lot cheaper but you have such a passion in making your silver and gold jewelry that it shows in every gorgeous piece that you create. I doubt that you could feel that same passion working with paper and scissors. :)

Scrollwork said...

I had fun being invited into a space buzzing with so much creative energy! The dancing couple reminds me of the studio owners where I teach ballroom and Latin dance in the evenings. She has a Rubenesque figure, too.

You would indeed create magic out of paper if you were to give it a try. Your work with metal is stunning.

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog with candor and support. I appreciate you.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What great pieces! You can tell the girls are having fun creating :)

riorita said...

Thank you for your wonderful comments!.
My studio is located in a Kibbutz called Ein Carmel near Haifa, one of about 20 studios, in a few rows of what were once Hen houses. The hen houses were transformed into artists' studios and there are about 20 artist workshops there.

Sher said...

Beautiful work and all that talent! Love that tango. Adorable!

weird amiga said...

I can only imagine the fun conversations happening there! :)