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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My new Ancient Coin Ring

I picked up this Ancient Judaean Coin ring from my coin collection and handcrafted a ring with it. The coin was struck in ancient Jerusalem during  the First Jewish Revolt against the romans in the years 66-70 and it rolled and rolled (for this is what happens to coins - they are round and they roll...) until it reached my box of ancient coins.Ting! But it did not stay there as you may see: 
Ancient coin ring - sterling silver and a  Judaean "Pruta"
The coin was struck in Bronze and is called  "prutah". It has on its surface a vine leaf on a small branch.  The Vine leaf, and a bunch of grapes, on other similar coins, are popular in Jewish art.  The vine is one of the seven agricultural species of  Judaea. Vine leaves and grape branches are a symbol of peace, contentment and long lasting life.

Ancient coin ring with "Prutah"

The inner part of the ring
Size of the ring US 6.90
Size of the bezelled coin is 0.7" in diam. (about 22mm)

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pasqueflower said...

What a unique and beautifully crafted ring!