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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mystery House across my Window

There is a mystery house just across my northern window. It is a stone house surrounded with a stone brick wall. The house is beautiful! It is one of a few stone houses built  around the 1920's on this slope of Mount Carmel in Haifa. I remember that when I arrived here many years ago,  there was a married couple living in it. We used to exchange polite greetings whenever we passed by. Meanwhile I have been away from this part of the city for about 20 years, and have returned here only  about six years ago.

Ever since I've returned, I've been passing by this house, but there is no one there...!

Every time I park near the house, the windows and shutters are tightly  closed. There is a heavy lock on the iron gate. A concrete path leads to the main door. At night it is dark and the only light shining on it is the street lamp. Whenever I watch out my  window,  I look at it with curious admiration, but never see a living soul there. Yet - the garden is well taken care of, and it looks in good condition. The staircase is not very clean, but then you see this in houses with people in them too... I've been wondering - I've never seen a gardner there. Who is taking care of the garden? how is it that someone is cleaning the paths and keeps the house in good shape and I never see him/her?!

Today, as I was walking to my car, which I park not very far  from it, I decided to take photographs. I stopped by the gate and drew out my camera. For a second I was afraid that someone might come out to and grab my camera or...whatever .Well - luckily this did not happen!

The mystery house
If I ever see someone in the house, I will write another article. Promise! Ha!


our home to yours said...

I love the white brick, and the mystery....I always enoyed driving past homes in the evening, and seeing a light in the window, and wonder what life is inside.

pasqueflower said...

Beautiful house -- but heavily secured. That is a mystery....

My Hideaway said...

I love a good mystery! That house does look very interesting. :)