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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Once in a Blue Sea glass ring and Friends

It has been a long time since I've visited this blog of mine. I do not know why, I guess I wanted to take a small break, refresh the ideas in my mind or whatever...

Lately I've added a new Blue Sea glass and Silver ring to my shop:

Silver Metalwork and Blue Sea Glass Ring
I picked this unusual piece of glass from a collection I have in my studio and looked it over from all angles then decided to handcraft  a ring with it. Here's a compliment I received from one of my friends :"Everyone knows I hate blue, but this ring I would wear gladly!".... Funny girl. But sweet - don't you agree?

As it is rather boring to write only about my own stuff,  I looked around my Etsy favorites under the term "Blue" and found some gorgeous items which I believe you would love too.
I'll begin with this awesome blue card:

Blue Card by Dr. Batsheva Gillat
I picked it up from the Bold Folds shop run by Dr. Batsheva Gillat 
 As the shop owner tells us, her art began as a passion which became an obsession. She invests endless hours of love in her wonderful hand made cards.
She has been doing these amazing art works for no less than 40 years!

In her work she uses various techniques, such as Cut-out.Pop-up,Unit or Modular Origami and more.

You will find more interesting details in her shop page.
Personally - her shop is one of the most unique I have found on Etsy! Way to go Batsheva!

The second unique art piece was this Beautiful Ketubah
Ketubah birds of Paradise by Anna Kronick
I have found artist Anna Kronick in my  "On Fire for Handmade" team.
The Ketubah is a traditional document-agreement  written in Hebrew which every Jewish bride  receives from her groom upon their wedding, in which he commits himself to take care of her for the rest of their life together.

This papercut by Anna Kronick is a unique design which she  hand cut  from a single piece of silkscreen paper, then embellished it by a mosaic of colorful paper, Whimsical birds and traditional motifs. It is a beautiful work of art and a keepsake.

You will find this item and more beautiful ones in her Etsy shop.

Well folks, I hope you enjoy my choices for this post, at least as much as I did.


Dvora Schleffer Designs said...

The ring is gorgeous! To me, blue is the perfect color for summer as it reminds us of cool water.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Your ring is so stunning! That stone is perfect for a ring!
Great blue finds as well!

Anne Hopfer said...

Luv it!!!

pasqueflower said...

Beautiful finds! Beautiful color! I especially love the ring!


Stela said...

That ring is so beautiful!

riorita said...

Thank you for your kind words ladies!