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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ancient coin ring - Greek bronze coin set in a silver ring

I am a great lover of History and art, and when I receive or buy an ancient coin, I like to show it to the world by setting it in a piece of jewelry, rings mainly. I also love to give the ring an ancient style touch, which enables me to set the coins in unsymmetrical shapes.

 I hand crafted this silver ring by setting an authentic acient Greek Bronze coin which was struck in 148-80 in Maroneia which is in the Greek Rhodope Perfecture , not far from the Bulgarian southern border.Maroneia was known for its production of wine and the wine  festivities which took place at the time.

The  head shown in the coin is of  the god Dionysus, mythological  god of the grape harvest, wine production and of rituals and ecstatic  festivals. He was also a symbol of the ancient greek theater. On the  back of the coin, as seen in the inside of my ring you can view Dionysus in the nudewith a bunch of grapes in his hands.

The ring is made to fit US size 7.5, but can be adapted to smaller or larger sizes.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Silver Heart within a Heart Necklace and Renewed Moonstone necklace

Two weeks before Valentine's Day I said to myself : "You have to design something with a heart"!
I had an idea of what I wanted to do,  and started creating it, but as it was just a short while before I had to return home I decided  to continue with it the day after.
Well,  the "day later"  was quite unexpected, as The Almighty had decided to change my plans for me. What happened was that I had a small accident which kept me at home for about 10 days! A heart necklace? - forget it! 
Yesterday I decided that staying  home for 10 days has been a long enough confinement, so I got into my car and  drove  to my workshop.

There was the unfinished heart necklace waiting for me on my work table. I pushed everything  aside and enthusiastically continued to work on it. A little late for Valentine's day, but - we love heart necklaces all year 'round. Don't we?!

Riorita handmade jewelry Designs  - Heart within a Heart Necklace

While I am at it, here is my renewed Moonstone necklace, with a smooth silver chain instead of the beads which I published a few days ago:

Hope you agree with the change in my design.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Necklace - Silver, Gold, Moonstone and beads

I handcrafted the pendant of this necklace in the hollowform technique a few years ago.  I wanted then to create a 5 petal flower by soldering 5 tubes to one another and setting a beautiful 12mm moonstone cab in the middle. It lay in one of my drawers for some time. Somehow my attention was drawn to other things.  I have almost forgotten about it and when I found it a few days ago was surprised  at myself for not having given it the  attention it deserved. I decided to correct the injustice and  added goldfilled, Iolite and natural chrystal beads to it. I still have to decide whether I should exchange the beads with a silver chain. I may do this very soon. Will show the outcome if I do.
Riorita handmade Sterling silver, 14k Gold and Rainbow Moonstone necklace

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wandering Dog Named Kaya and Dr. Axel Munthe

About four years ago, a carpenter  who owns a workshop near mine had adopted a puppy. It was a cute little female from unknown origin. When he brought it home to his wife, she did not wish to adopt it. He then kept her tied up with a chain at the backyard of his workshop, He took good care of her, but yet I  pitied her being tied to a chain all day . He did not like her very much. I asked him to let her visit my workshop every once in a while, And so he did. He called her "Kaya". In the evenings he would take her back "home" and tie her again outside his door. In the nights she would bark and the neigbours complained about the noise.

Meanwhile she grew to become a beautiful dog.

Finally he passed her on to a neigbour of his. Kaya still did not feel very much at home in the new place. I myself could not adopt her, as I live in an apartment with no room for a big dog, and she could not be left alone with my cat,  I also did not feel it would be right to leave her inside my own workshop at night either, especially when I do not go there everyday.

Inspite of this, Kaya and me got on very well together. Whenever she saw my car arrive, she would run over to me, lean her front paws on my door with a "gift" in her mouth for me (a stone or a rag) and make some strange up and down sirene sounds of happiness to see me. Then she would follow me to my workshop door and lay inside for hours while I worked, enjoying the air condition, summer and winter. Shortly before I would leave, she would give me an "I want to go out" look and I would let her go back "home".

Then one day she disappeared. I became worried.When I inquired as to her whereabouts, I was told she moved with her new "family" to another kibbutz near by. Three years have passed and then -  there I am, seated at my workbench in my jewelry workshop, when I suddenly heard a familiar bark! Guess who was at the door happily wagging her tail...She looks happy and well kept, and she still runs over to my car with a gift in her mouth..

Last September I had visited the most beautiful Villa San Michele in  Anacapri in South Italy, which was built and very tastefully decorated with ancient sculptures and art by the famous doctor and writer Dr. Axel Munthe  (1857-1949), and was one of the great humanitarians . Beside his love for art beauty and nature, he loved animals, mainly dogs.
Dr. Axel Munthe and his dogs
Here is a quote from his thoughts about the general character of dogs :
The dog cannot pretend, is unable to deceive, will not  lie as he cannot speak. The dog is a saint ... A dog gladly accepts the superiority of his master over himself ... He regards his master as his king, almost as his god ... He instincly feels when he is not wanted, can lie quite still for many hours while his king is hard at work, as is what happens with kings, or at least shpuld be. But when his king is sad and upset, he knows that his time has come so he creeps up and lays his head on his lap as if to say:" Don't worry! Never mind if they all have abandoned  you, I am here to replace all your friends and to fight all your enemies".
The following image is of an excerpt of a mosaic floor at the entrance to his famous Villa San Michele:

"cave can em" in Latin means "Beware of the dog"!!
If this dog was the guard of his villa, I suspect Dr. Munthe  had a great sense of humor too!

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