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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday - Time to take it Easy

Lately, I've been working hard in my handmade jewelry designs workshop for 6 days of the week (who of us doesn't?!) trying to keep up with orders and shipping them in time before Christmas. Today, Saturday, I decided to put everything aside, and take it easy.

As it so happens, at the end of my day, I usually get to bed only every 02:00 AM. I start reading my enjoyable novel ( now it is "The Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follet) but wake up after two hours, the book lying open on the floor and the  light near my bed still on... This won't do! I was saying to myself. So I've decided to follow the rule "when you don't have time - make time!" - and so I did.
For the last few days, in the morning, I've been preparing myself a nice mug of delicious coffee, take the book in my other hand, and sit in my rocking chair in my sunny veranda. (There are large glass windows there but as it is cold,  they are shut and the sun shines through).  During the week I limit this for 30-40 minutes every day. Today - I did this for an hour or so. What a pleasure! Thank God for Saturdays!
As for my work during the week, between working to keep up with orders, I handcrafted two band rings with the same design, but different metals:

 Silver Band ring with vertical soldered strips of silver

I was wondering : Should I call this my ZEBRA ring?

For more Unusual handcrafted artisan jewelry:


Isobel said...

Have to confess that there is such a collection of jewellery on offer via Etsy, that most sites are passed over - just don't have the time, alas, nor am at an age where new personal adornment is of interest. However, these two really do stand out and I wish you many sales with them.

Admire your skill with the metalwork - I'd be positively dangerous with the heated implemnts etc. required to produce such beautiful craftwork.

Happy Christmas/Hannukah/New Year - whichever suits your!

MareeR said...

Just had to stop by after your comment on Ideas of Inspiration - love your zebra rings - it is a very appropriate name for them.

Brooke Shambley said...

They design doesn't quite remind me of a zebra, maybe if they were a bit more tilted and a bit more random. It sort of reminds me of something growing like stalks.

Annie said...

Irith, good for you for creating time to just read and relax! Why is it so hard for us to do that? Maybe tomorrow I will follow your example and just slow down for a while.

Your new rings are beautiful. I love the rustic nature of them.

Dough, Dirt & Dye

MaryFaithPeace said...

I'm impressed: this is taking it easy?
Great stuff!

Almost Precious said...

The rings are gorgeous and I love the simple striated design ... not too ornate, not too rustic, a ring that can be worn everyday with everything.