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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Besteam Feature Week of 12/4

BESteam stands for Boosting Etsy Shops Team! We help  each other to promote our shops by posting our member's items in our blogs, our  Facebook pages and more. If you own an  Etsy shop and would like to join, please enter our team page on Etsy or our proboards link.

Yesterday I stayed late in my handmade jewelry workshop. I had to finish a silver bracelet  bangle someone ordered, which I have to send Sunday morning for it to arrive in time fore Christmas. While I was working, I  was listening to Tony Bennet's disk called "playing with my Friends". One of my favorites. So today I will be showing off some my BEsteam firiends' items, so you see some lovely gifts you can buy - before Christmas arrives !
First in line is Sandy Vern's soap shop where I found this most appetizing slice of cake.Oh - SOAP!
What a great idea! It is Cornmeal Scrub Soap created from Cornmeal. The other side is made of a shea butter base. The aroma of the soap is tempting too - a combination of Lavender and Litsea Cubea! Sandy tells us it is a super skin nourisher and moisturizer. I definitely take her word for it!
The second Etsy shop I've visited  is Stitchprincess run by Faith Snowden
Faith specializes in sewing and photography. She designs and sews by herself clothes for all occasions.
I loved this brown skirt:
It is a knee-length skirt, fits up to 52” hip. One side is made of 16 panels (8 different vintage fabrics); the other side is made of unbleached muslin (100% cotton). Includes white lace trim (attached to muslin but visible on both sides), an elastic waistband, and a white ribbon drawstring. WOW! Seems to me that Faith has really put her heart in it. Awesome!
KCDragonfly  is the shop run by KristineCherry.
I came across this item and said :"Oooo! That's pretty!"
It is a colorful clear glass bottle(1/8 oz) with an eye dropper lid. Small enough to sit in a jewelry or shadow box, on a desk or a nightstand. You can have a favorite perfum or massage oil in it. The beads are ruby red and neon orange seed beads with  pearl yellow Japanese delica beads and the leaves are acrylic representing oak and maple leaves.
In Sandy and Sue's Etsy shop I have found this cute handbag.
It is a 6x6 bag which can be used either as a purse for a little girl or as a  gift bag.
The color is Turquiose and it is accented by a large silk Gerber daisy (purple). A fucshia feather boa adorns the top of this heavily starched felt purse.
And if you would like to know which bangle I handcrafted under the inspiration of Tony Bennet's disk, here it is for you to view:
More handcrafted jewelry designs can be found here:
Thanks for watching!


sandyvern said...

Thanks for including my yummy soap!

Annie said...

Looks like some great holiday gifts right there! Nice!

Empty On the Inside
Dough, Dirt & Dye

Sher said...

Great finds. The soap looks fun.

Island Buzzy said...

great job Irith! Like the products you chose as well as your ring!