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Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Necklace - Silver, Gold, Moonstone and beads

I handcrafted the pendant of this necklace in the hollowform technique a few years ago.  I wanted then to create a 5 petal flower by soldering 5 tubes to one another and setting a beautiful 12mm moonstone cab in the middle. It lay in one of my drawers for some time. Somehow my attention was drawn to other things.  I have almost forgotten about it and when I found it a few days ago was surprised  at myself for not having given it the  attention it deserved. I decided to correct the injustice and  added goldfilled, Iolite and natural chrystal beads to it. I still have to decide whether I should exchange the beads with a silver chain. I may do this very soon. Will show the outcome if I do.
Riorita handmade Sterling silver, 14k Gold and Rainbow Moonstone necklace

Thank you for watching!  


Sandy Weaver said...

I like the setting and the silver chain would look very nice.

Isobel said...

That's lovely - might the silver chain need to be too heavy and make the whole necklace a collar, rather than a necklace? It's more than acceptable as is to my way of thinking. But then, I'm just a toy-maker, not a gold/silversmith!

riorita said...

Thank you for your comments. I removed the beads and replaced them with a silver chain. The necklace is not heavy at all.