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Thursday, December 1, 2011

BESteam feature for the week of 11/27

The meaning of the word  BESteam is -  Boosting Etsy Shops Team! We promote each other's shops by giving support through posting in our blogs, our  Facebook pages and more. If you own a shop on Etsy and wish to join, please view our team page on Etsy and our BESTeam blog.

Welcome all viewers. This week I will present to you some beautiful holiday gift items, handcrafted by members of the Besteam on  Etsy. 

Connie Haskell runs the shop Redemptionart. She  works hard at collecting and providing a large variety of vintage items which would please beginner collectors as well as professionals and is always on the hunt for new stuff which has arrived at Hawaii from all over the world.
The item I chose to show you  from her shop is this beautiful cobalt blue hand painted molten glass vase:


Ellen Mackler runs Etsy shop Gmaellen. Ellen comes from a family where both grandmothers were very talented in  various crafts and  both  have inspired her greatly. Of all crafts she crochet is her favorite. The items she offers in her shop are both beautiful and functional.
The item I chose for this post is this beautiful flower garland lariat, made of fine peach colored vintage linen and measures about 36 inches long. 


Agnes runs the BeaderBubbe  shop. She loves to create jewelry by using any medium - it can be crystals, paper beads, polymer clay or stamping.
I chose these Evil Eye Bracelets shown here, in either Blue or Red, or other variations in these colors
They are made on Stretch Magic, so they will fit all wrists:


Handmade jewelry designs:


Angels and Everlastings said...

What a great feature -- I love the vibrant blue piece!

Knitful Dezigns said...

LOVE the colors in this feature, I especially loveeeee that vase! wonderful feature ;) Have a great week Mrs. Irith!


GMaEllen said...

As always, love your blog! Thanks for featuring my vintage linen lace garland!

Annie said...

Nice job, Irith!

Empty On the Inside
Dough, Dirt & Dye

our home to yours said...

that is a georgeous vase. I love vintage!
- ourhometoyours

Crystal said...

Very nice! I love that garland

BeaderBubbe said...

Thank you for the feature of my shop. Sorry I was so late in commenting but had some major dental surgery and was away from my computer for a few days...just getting back to all my the feature....

riorita said...

Thank you for your comments. I lov ALL the items (which is why I posted them! (TeeHee!)

Island Buzzy said...

Oh Irith, thank you so much! Forgive me for taking a while to review it! I am definitely sharing and promoting!

Aloha, Connie

Isobel said...

Thanks for inviting me to comment, as a very new, semi-member! Sorry it's late, but have been away from base and computer has been to its doctor. Love both items: just wish I had the patience and skill to produce them.