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Friday, March 30, 2012

More Solid Natural Opal Rings

Most silver jewelry shops in my country have beautiful showcases with stunning jewelry items with Opal all sizes. The stones are mostly light blue with tiny flashy pieces in them. These Opals are actually a very thin layer of Opal stones with a piece of silicone attached to the back to strengthen them. Without the silicone these stones simply fall apart.

In contrast to the a/m stones, the ones which I use myself for setting in my own jewelry are totallty solid Opal stones, which I purchase directly from their cutters.

Recently I have handcrafted three new Koroit Opal rings from Solid Opal Stones which come from the Koroit Opal mines in Queensland Australia

This stone is amazing. The colors are brown horizontal strips with stunning ochre in the middle and a spray of turquoise which glimmers with tiny hints of red .Reminds me of a miniature abstract painting.
The sterling band of this ring is wide rounded and thick and proportionate to the size of the stone.
The stone  is amazing. Very unique!!
The colors are brown horizontal strips with pale sky blue stripes and a deep turquoise one.

Do I sound like I'm in love with these stones? - You bet I am!
I believe if you saw or held them in your hands, you'd love them too!


Sher said...

The rings are just beautiful!

riorita said...

Thank you Sher!

Ruth Welter said...

Your designs are just beautiful.


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

These are all so stunning! I love that first one! Not only are the stones beautiful...your craftsmanship is amazing!

riorita said...

Thank you everyone for your appreciation! Makes my day!

ahnn said...
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Anonymous said...

Very nice. I have fond memories of an opal ring my mom had.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

The color is amazing! They are beautiful rings perfect for any nature lover.

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Jack Smith said...

Wow really this is a nice collection.

Australian Opal Jewelry