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Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Ear Jackets - New Pair of Sterling Silver Earrings

Lately I was going through various fashion magazines and saw there was a trend of Earrings called "Ear Jackets". Mostly these earrings go around the ear lobes and are connected to the ears with studs.

Friends told me - "We used to wear these earrings in the Eighties..."
Well - I was not handcrafting jewelry at that time, while today I am very enthusiastic about it!

I decided to try to make a few with my own designs, and find I enjoy making them.

Here is a pair I have made recently and found that they were rather popular in my Etsy shop:

The earrings are made of 3 combined hammered leaf shapes soldered like "steps" one next and on top of the other, and the final piece connects to the ears from the front, with ear studs, which enables you to wear them without the leaves too, as only studs.  I blacken the studs and the leafy design around the shiny parts, to emphasize the leafy shapes.

I have soldered a piece of sterling silver on the back of each earring, and made holes in them so that whoever wears them can adjust them properly to the ear lobes (as some of us have a longer distance of the ear holes from the lobes, than others).

I really Hope you like them.

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Thank you for watching!


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