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Sunday, January 15, 2012

After the Storm

Today, after the storm  had subsided, I drove to my jewelry workshop to see if everything was alright and check whether the water hadn't entered through the door or walls. I was happy to find out that all was OK  No damages. Then I went out for a stroll to see how things were in my neigburhood. I found an enourmous puddle in the backyard of a few of the workshops. In my mind I imagined ducks and swans swimming in there, but no! What was there was piles of junk. Great inspiration for avant garde artists! 

Then I returned to my workshop and prepared myself a nice mug of green tea. I started to work on some ordered earrings when I heard a tap on my door. It was Mika and Nimer.

They have only come over to see how I was doing and find out what I may have to offer them for lunch  today.
When they ate up,  I sent them kindly on their way, and went back to my work.


Sandy Weaver said...

So good to hear no damage to your workshop. I love your visitors! They are so cute!

Sher said...

I'm glad everything turned out OK. Looks like it was some storm! And your visitors are adorable!

pasqueflower said...

So grateful your studio was not damaged. And what fun that your 4-footed friends were on hand to greet you!

our home to yours said...

storms can be exciting, the uncontrollable power....but the clean up afterwards??? no so much, lol. But it's nice to have friends check on you, even if they did just eat and run. :~D

CoffeeBreakCrn said...

So glad to hear that your shop is okay! Lol, and what cute visitors you have. =)

riorita said...

Thank you for your comments dears!