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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Moroccan Style Inspiration

I've been living in Israel ever since I was born. The citizens in my country have gathered here from all over the world. This has opened me to many beautiful and different colors, traditions, shapes, exotic food, and forms. Some of the most talented people have arrived here from  Morocco, about 40-60 years ago, bringing with them rich traditions of design .
I have always been fascinated with the buildings I've seen in photographs from Marrakesh or other parts of Morocco. I have realized, that unintentionally I've handcrafted jewelry which is inspired by these beautiful shapes.

Moroccan lamp
The design of this Moroccon lamp,  seems like it was sawed out of the metal in a perpetual form. In my Wide Lattice Silver Bangle which is a rather different design,  I sawed the silver with a design which is somehow  reminiscent of the shape of a lattice. Later, I soldered on it pieces of sterling silver and gold and a 9k gold dove and added tiny Lapis Lazuli cabochons to it.
Wide Lattice Silver Bangle
At the end of 2011, about a month ago, I handmade these long oval Silver and Peridot earrings, which are inspired - not copied - by a Moroccon shape too:

Silver and Peridot Earrings

Somehow they remind me of some kind of dried fruit too. Don't they?

Hope you like my stuff. Here you will find more
handcrafted artisan jewelry:


Island Buzzy said...

Love it! I am always curious as to what inspires artists...and your creations are so unique!

MegansBeadedDesigns said...

Absolutely gorgeous pieces. I love the peridot earrings.

Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

I definitely see the inspiration! Lovely!

Duni said...

These pieces are stunning! I especially like the earrings...maybe because you used Peridot (my birthstone) :)
Yes, they do have some semblance to dried fruit!


stuckinazoo said...

I love these pieces, the Moroccan influence shines through!

tombelfort said...

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irishjewellerystore said...

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