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Sunday, January 3, 2016

From Simple Pieces of Silver to Beautiful Earrings

I was supposed to go to my workshop this morning, to handcraft two pairs of earrings which a buyer has ordered, pack them up, get to the  post office and ship them, so the buyer will be happy.

Rioritajewelry - View from my window this morning.

Instead - I woke up and looked out the window. Not only was it pouring cats and dogs, but it was so misty, I thought I did not wish to drive to my workshop in this weather, so I decided I will not hit the road today. Although on one hand, I always thank God for the rain, I was kind of frustrated as it was not according to plan. But sometimes one must change plans, so I decided to write how I designed two pairs of earrings, from four simple pieces of Sterling Silver.

Only two pieces photographed.(Who needs to see FOUR dull pieces anyways - LOL)
I sawed two pieces of flat silver and gave them bean-like shapes with a "window" close to the edges. I hammered them. Then I made a pair of earring hoops for them, by sawing two pieces of 0.9 sterling silver wire on each side on the back of the hoops.Through the "windows" I thread fine silver wire dangles which I wrapped around themselves.

Rioritajewelry - Silver Hoop Earrings

For the next pair of earrings, I sawed two more silver pieces with the same shape .

Rioritajewelry,  Etsy - Gold  Peridot Earrings

This time I decided to hand craft a pair of silver dangle earrings. I soldered a silver bow behind each piece of silver, then added the sterling silver ear wires, and threaded green Peridot beads on fine silver wire ,wrapped the silver wire around them, then hung them through the sawed "window". Finally I gold plated them thickly with 22k Gold.

Rioritajewelry on Etsy - Gold Peridot Earrings
I suppose one can come up with many more ideas with a pair of bean-like shapes, or any other shape you can imagine, and we know, there is no end to creativity among us humans.

However, if I have more ideas with these shapes, I will definitely come over here and try to show them to you. Promise. Rioritajewelry

A very Happy New Year to whoever read this post. Big Smile!!