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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Silver Prehnite and Jasper Necklace

It has almost been a year before I visited this blog of mine. I guess moving from my old apartment to a new one, used up all my attention. Well, here I am again, and may I say, it is very nice to be here again.

This does not mean I haven't been handcrafting jewelry during this time. On the contrary, I've handcrafted quite a few new jewelry items. The latest and newest one is my Silver Prehnite and Jasper Necklace.

A few years ago I bought a row of beautiful large facetted Prehnite beads. It was love at first site. Such a beautiful Green color, facetted in an assymmetric way, with black inclusions here and there. Even though their price was higher than my budget, I bought them right away. Truth is I did not know what to do with them. How to do them justice and use them them best way I could, instead of just beading them on a string. Suddenly, a few days ago, I finally had an idea. I handcrafted a Sterling Silver bow, with two loops on each end, and twelve loops on the lower part of the bow. On each one of the soldered loops I hung Silver wires with twelve of the beads.

At first I only hung the Prehnite beads, but when I tried to see how it would look against my skin, I thought to myself "boring". Also, somehow they were beautiful, but against the skin they needed enhansement. So - I searched further among my beads and tried to match them with other much smaller ones of a contrastin color. I finally decided on the lovely facetted Orange Jasper beads which were lying there for a few years too.  I added them. Now, against the Prehnite they look awesome and enlivened my whole appearance. I loved the combination and decided that this was IT.

On each side of the bow I have added a smooth snake like industrial chain, with the thought that the chain should be a modest minimalistic one,so as not to compete with the beads. I added a hammered hook as a clasp and looked happily at the outcome. Hope you will like it too.

Rioritajewelry Silver Prehnite and Jasper Necklace

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