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Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Handmade jewelry designs studio neigbours

This dog's  name is Mika. She belongs to a sculptor who is a neigbour of mine by my handcrafted artisan jewelry  workshop. She comes every day to the door of my workshop to greet me. Michael is a very young man who studies in a school nearby, and every once in a while, arrives after school hours, takes Mika by the leash and they have a nice long walk together. They seem to like each other quite a bit.

I have always been a dog and cat lover. Mika is a special favorite. I love to watch these large beautiful brown eyes of hers. It seems like she is talking to me with her eyes. She is adorable!

I have listened lately to a disk with Jazz musician Diana Krall, singing "When I Look in your Eyes". She sings it as a love song.. I immediately recalled where I had  heard it before. It was a very long time ago, sung by  stage and movie actor Rex Harrison in the film "Doctor Dolittle". He was singing it to a seal. His rendition was  touching , humorous ,tender.  I have lately looked it up on You Tube.

Perhaps you might say - "its old fashioned, too sweet. corny!"... I, on the other hand, find it very pleasurable.

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