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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scorpion's Ear Hoops and Besteam favorites - week of Oct. 30th

I am a Scorpion. Anyway - that's my sign, as I was born on November 2nd many years ago.

I do not know whether all Scorpios have an obsession with ear hoops. But it definitely is the case with me when it comes to hoop earrings. I was not so aware of it until I entered my Etsy shop of handmade jewelry designs and counted them. I have spontaneously designed so many of them. It is true -  I love earrings in all shapes and sizes, but what happens is I always go back to - hoops. I love to think of an Ethnic design and present it in my own version:


But before I let my hoops take up all of the space in this post, let me tell you about a few Etsy shops I love:

is a shop run by Kristine Cherry. Kristine has taken a close look at dragonflies and feels that something inside her identifies with them - their neverending search for something. Kristine's studio has in it a whole lot of books beads and fabrics. If you find, in her shop, something which you cannot resist, and feel you must buy it - it is the sign for her that you have found the perfect design! But truthfully, Kristine simply enjoys to create things which would make people say : "Ooooo, that's pretty!"

Another favorite shop on Etsy  is Creativitybugs. It is run by Sandy and Sue, who are two sisters with a passion for crafting. They began by creating gifts for family and friends but now it is turning into a business venture.

Sandy and Sue create  paper crafts  and gifts, handmade cards, paper craft kits and supplies, holiday gifts, doll clothing and accessories, and a whole lot more.
The materials they use are of the highest quality!

When I read the names of Etsy shops, many times they 
capture my imagination. Such is the shop name Ourhometoyours. What immediately comes to my mind is a warm cozy place which is someone's home, and it offers some of its warmth to us - visitors to their shop. What a nice inviting name this is!
It is run by Debbi and Amanda who are mother and daughter. Debbi is a mom is to 3 children who still live at home, and has a grandson who is almost 3 years old, about a year older than my own grandson. This sounds like a lot of fun! Debbi is one of these people who enjoys her job! On one hand - she lovingly creates things which other people enjoy, and still has time to spend with her family.
Daughter Amanda is a photo specialist at Wal-mart but I has a Masters Degree in Graphic Design and would like to pursue that as her career. Her background is Fine Art  and she is offering her drawings for sale along with her crafts. Amanda designs all the banners and avatars for their shop, and hopes to have agraphic design business of her own some day.

And we have a lovely jewelry designer's shp here too- jaynemarie's shop
Janynemarie Crawford started making jewelry when her daughters were small. I had made them clothes and,  accessories. She discovered about herself that she enjoys designing and handcrafting jewelry.She began by creating it for herself and when people started to compliment her for her designs, she decided to begin selling it. Jaynemarie enjoys the lustre and shapes of gemstones and fine pearls and various silver and gold chains.
For her work she uses only the highest quality gemstones and pearls.

More handcrafted artisan jewelry:

Thats all  for today folks. Hope to see you here again in my next post.


our home to yours said...

thank you for this feature. the scarf is one of my personal favorites from our shop.

Crystal said...

Very nice selection of items - I love KC Dragonfly's shop!

Jewelry by Jaynemarie said...

Thank you for this feature, and for picking my Mother of Pearl Flower necklace.
I really love these flowers and I'm finding more and more jewelry designs to utilize these unique and beautiful flowers.
-Jewelry by Jaynemarie

Angels and Everlastings said...

Lovely feature

Sue C said...
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Sue C said...

Thank you so much for featuring our shop and a few of our items. We have posted your feature on Twitter and FB for others to see.

Sue - Creativity Bugs

mahakk01 said...

Earrings are my favorite jewelry. I have large collection of earrings. I like hoop earring design. I like your work. Thanks for featuring such wonderful items. My personal favorite is scarf. I love to buy the pair of earrings and scarf.
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