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Monday, October 31, 2011

Whole Jewelry collection from One Ring Design

A few years ago I was sitting listlessly in my handmade jewelry workshop, thinking what should I do next. I suddenly had an idea for a ring.I followed my imagination and  made this jewelry ring by carving various shapes on a round piece of wax to the shape of a ring. After that  I cast it in silver to a very small number of rings and offered it to my customers:

As I really liked  the outcome of this procedure, I began to play with one of the cast copies of this carved ring and started a whole jewelry collection, by sawing it and hammering it gently to a flat shape, and then worked on  parts of it by hammering , bending , slicing,doming.

The latest experiment of mine is this small pair of gold plated sterling silver stud earrings to which I added a few dangling Feshwater pearls:

I love these because they are rather delicate and while they could be for casual wear they have a certain of dainty elegance

Holiday gift price:

The flattened design, was hammered to a flat shape, rounded at the edges with  loops on the top to which I added ear posts. The whole pair is gold plated. It has an effect of a tribal design,  but has an elegance of its own.
Holiday gift:

The I sawed off one of the angles of the ring and made a nother small ring with a small spiral design. I added a few narrow bands to create a cute casual sterling silver stacking ring collection:

Holiday gift:

These casual handcrafted artisan design hoops, are another result of my playing with this ring. I sawed four spiral shapes from the rings, then soldered them on both sides of a round sawed piece of  flat silver, then  created the hoops. By doing so the hoops look the same from each angle you look at them. They have a tribal  unique look.

Holiday gift:

I took two hammered flat rings and bended them into loops, then colored them with purple cole enamel. I added posts to them and here you have a pair of sterling silver hoop studs:

In my shop:

I love spirals. One can play endlessly with them. Here is a pair of goldplated silver studs which I hammered to small dome shapes and goldplated:
Holiday gift:

And last but not least :

Small delicate sterling silver studs, made with small spirals. A pair of cute little decorations for the ears. These would make a very nice gift for her, also for a young girl.

Holiday gift:

Now you may say: "OK dear, what about a necklace, a bracelet a pendant???? Only rings and earrings"??
Well - be patient my friends, they are all on their way to my shop. We are all still young and have a whole lot of time waiting for us! (God willing! hopefully!)

For more Holiday gifts in my shop:

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recommendation of BESTeam shops for the week of OCT 24

My latest listing in my handmade jewelry designs shop is a new Aquamarine gemstone and silver ring. The stone is gorgeous. I found it on Etsy supplies and decided to set it in a ring I handcrafted especially for it. Here is is for you to view:

I hope you will like it:

I was assigned to do this post for this week, but do you know what? - I have a special enjoyment in doing it, as the shops I shall introduce here have some very special items to offer us.

Veronica Grace's shop Knitfuldezines

Veronica Grace is a lover of Art. She has no difficulty in finding it wherever she goes. She feels that she only has begun to dig the surface of her creativity.
Veronica handcrafts elementary everyday items which she believes will add to our enjoyment of life. The name of her shop is Knitfuldezigns.
Among other items, she creates plush dolls, and will be most willing to do custom orders. Anything in mind for a doll? just contact her and she will lovingly do it for you.

 Agnes's shop beaderbubbe
Agnes is a Mother of five and a  grandma of six..She loves handmade items., most of all making jewelry..She hopes that when she retires she will make a career of jewelry making.

Agnes likes to experiment with any medium - paper beads, crystals, polymer clay, stamping and more. She is lucky becuase when she shows her jewelry to her co workers they do not hesitate to buy it right away.  We are even luckier becuase they missed a few items, so we can find them here, in her Etsy shop! 

You can find Agnes here:

Ana Cole's shop Solhful

Ana is a wife and homeschooling mom who lives in the upper Midwest. Her favorite passtimes are Love of art photography and Classic Literature which she uses in her art.
The titles for her prints are taken from quotes which she finds while reading.

For her art phtography she uses a Canon DLSR, and processes her images in Adobe Photoshop. In her art she likes to incorporate different tones and textures.
This gives them a rich artistic tone. She believes that her photographs should be of high quality and well exposed and in using high quality materials. The images are printed on Hahnemuhle paper, which is a heavy cotton art paper (as opposed to synthetic, which she never uses). This particular paper has a brilliant white backdrop which contributes to richness. You can read more details about her art in a profile on:

Monday, October 24, 2011

My BESTeam promotion Party

Today I have realized I was supposed to publish this post LAST WEEK .Of course when I came to this realiztion I immediately cried "Oh My"!  and touched my head to see if it is still there...  but you know what our elders say: "Better Late than Never". So my dears - Here I am with four of my BESTeam favorites:

Annie Oliveiro's thoughtful-designs and hand-paints, handcrafted cards for a personal, heart-felt message. Her cards are  “empty on the inside” and beautiful on the outside, which explains the unique name she gave  her shop: emptyontheinside . Inside the card she has left a space for you to write a personal note to the person you care about, the one who will be receiving it.

redemptionart is the name of Connie Haskell's vintage goods shop. Connie's shop on Etsy is a full time business.
Connie emphasizes the profesional and quality customer care. The same goes for the items in her shop. Interior decorators and designers will be most welcome to visit her shop, expecially if they are searching for something which will help them create an island atmosphere.
Michelle is a certified soapmaker with the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild.She teaches others how to make soap too in her own studio in Warner Robins.
If you were wondering why you should use homemade soap, rather than the your favorite brand name, the answer to this is that in homemade soap you will not find all the fillers of commercial soap. Actually most commercial soaps are detergents with perfume added. Michelle's  soap is made with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Lye and water.They are deliciously scented with essential oils of Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosemary, and Spearmint.
 The shop GMaEllenCrochetGifts
is run by Ellen Mackler. Ellen is an Alaska Native Indian. She enjoys being crafty and creative and loves to create things which are both nice looking and functional. Crochet is her favorite craft.
The attached image displays one of her lovely designs.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Rocking message from the Etsy Creativity Rocks team

his morning I awoke to a very pleasing message from Natalja, captain of the Creativity Rocks team. I was informed that my shop was chosen as one of the 6 shops to be promoted between October 21 and 23.

Following this message I decided that my contribution to the mutual promotion will be by telling you about these chosen shops in my blog, so here I go:

The shop TheButterflyIllusion is run by Inga Balode from England, who creates handmade crafts for indoor and outdoor uses. All the items are her own creations. Inga's handmade crafts are made of  the highest quality materials.


BeauFleurs is a shop run by an active military woman from Oklahoma in the US. Whenever she leaves her combat boots at work,  she transforms into a wife who immensely  enjoys crafting.

Here is a lovely example of her handmade items:

Linda Baze from South Texas runs the shop GirlyGals began to handcraft jewelry together with family and friends. She is a granny and is totally in love with beads from all colors and sizes. She enjoys every minute of creating jewelry to make us ladies feel pretty and feminine - Girlie!

Elena from Toronto , Canada, runs the shop hiddenbead.
As a mother of four she does not have much free time, but she loves to create beads in the little free time she has. To her it is a form of expression.
Before starting to craft a piece of jewelry with the beads, she imagines how it would look . When the item is  finished she has this happy feeling of accomplishment. Here is a cute example:

Susan Marie runs the shop ourworldatyourtable. Although she is a professional diet& amp; nutrition advisor, Her shop's name is actually the name of her cookbook in which she presents 1 recipe from each country on this planet, except for Southern Sudan,  becuase it has become an official state only very recently. When you hold this book in your hands, and choose a recipe from it, you feel as if, in a way, there is a piece of everywhere in the world in your hands! What a wonderful idea for a cookbook! A real treasure for those of us who like to try and taste something new everyday of our life!

To end this list of promoted shops here is my latest  ring. I made it only last week, from a handcrafted sterling silver ring in which I set a gorgeous Ethiopian Opal stone:

More handmade jewelry designs you will find here:
Hope you like each of the wonderful shops I have presented here. Your views and comments will be most welcome!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

More handcrafted jewelry rings with Australian boulder opals

I have a tendency to decide spontaneously on how I am going to make a piece of jewelry. I leave what is fashionable to the fashion designers. This almost always leads me back to my Opal stone collection.

Many of the stones in my collection look dull to me. They seem to need something extra  to add to them in rder to bring out the best in them. I then begin to think of various designs and materials. I think to myself : "should I integrate them with something larger? should I goldplate the metal I use to enhance them?".. Many times I just give up and put them back in their box, waiting for an idea to come up/ Then I  move on to another project.  But sometimes I pick up a stone in which I fall in love with.

Such are the two following rings:

They were both handcrafted last week. I chose two  most beautiful Koroit Opal stones,  and set them in  bezels which I handcrafted especially for them. Then I added to each one of them, a band which I handmade from two strips of silver soldered one on top of the other. These are the results

First ring:

You will find it in my Etsy shop:

Second ring where the stone has the shape of a trapeze:

Freeform  Opal stone set in a Silver jewelry ring by Riorita

Link to this ring in my Etsy shop

When I look at the stones, their beauty has a special calming effect on me. There are glimmers of electric blue and Turquoise with Yellow, like a fresh natural pool with hidden treasures.

For more of my handmade jewelry designs: