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Thursday, October 13, 2011

More handcrafted jewelry rings with Australian boulder opals

I have a tendency to decide spontaneously on how I am going to make a piece of jewelry. I leave what is fashionable to the fashion designers. This almost always leads me back to my Opal stone collection.

Many of the stones in my collection look dull to me. They seem to need something extra  to add to them in rder to bring out the best in them. I then begin to think of various designs and materials. I think to myself : "should I integrate them with something larger? should I goldplate the metal I use to enhance them?".. Many times I just give up and put them back in their box, waiting for an idea to come up/ Then I  move on to another project.  But sometimes I pick up a stone in which I fall in love with.

Such are the two following rings:

They were both handcrafted last week. I chose two  most beautiful Koroit Opal stones,  and set them in  bezels which I handcrafted especially for them. Then I added to each one of them, a band which I handmade from two strips of silver soldered one on top of the other. These are the results

First ring:

You will find it in my Etsy shop:

Second ring where the stone has the shape of a trapeze:

Freeform  Opal stone set in a Silver jewelry ring by Riorita

Link to this ring in my Etsy shop

When I look at the stones, their beauty has a special calming effect on me. There are glimmers of electric blue and Turquoise with Yellow, like a fresh natural pool with hidden treasures.

For more of my handmade jewelry designs:


our home to yours said...

oh, so pretty!

riorita said...

Thank you Debbi!

Almost Precious said...

It is a gorgeous stone and the very sleek, clean design of your sterling rings is a beautiful frame for them.

Phil Grahm Salt said...

They look so price although they subpar when compared to diamond rings. But then again, the elegance is still there and I like it.

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